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#1: Jan 2nd 2021 at 11:47:57 PM

Hi there! My name's Troy, and this is the official, GM-sanctioned sequel to The City At The Center of The Multiverse, Mausoleum 2.0: Stairdancing The Multiverse, and the Massive Multi-Fandom Roleplaying Game Season Three, making this game the official TMCSTM:TINAJ ([TCACoTM S2] <M:STM S3> {MMFRPG S4}). I have permission from the former GMs of each of these RPs to run this game (one of those people being myself), and I hope that it'll prove to be a worthy successor.

>do you wanna revive it>then do it troy>revive it - stratofarius, formerly known as strat

"let me die" - OG-sama, formerly known as The Malignancy

"i mean, i guess" - Doctor Thunder, formerly known as Doctor Pepper

(Disclaimer: this worthy successor may or may not include immediately dying and being rebooted, but I live in hope.)

What's the pitch? Well, it's several things.

This is a traditional multi-fandom city RP. This means that your characters live together in a large city, colonized and inhabited by you, the players. The locations, personages, and even crazy cults are yours to determine! Play a member of the ruling Diet or a worker in the hydroponic food farms! The possibilities are endless!

This is also a dungeon crawl RP. The city itself is a dangerous place, but it hides an open secret — it’s actually the colonized portion of a dimension-travelling worldship, where the laws of reality become more and more tenuous the further you travel from the City’s core, into the bowels of the craft. Heroes and fools from the Most Estimable Guild of Draughtsmen, determined to expand the livable frontiers of the Ship, set out on adventures to overcome the Incoherence and, gods willing, find an exit one day.

Ground rules:

  1. While the setting is intended to be fluid enough to have heavy player involvement on all levels, from lore to worldbuilding to the everyday workings of that world, by nature I have to exercise full veto power over details and specifics, mostly to create a reasonably coherent setting. I won’t sweat the exact stuff, and I’ll stick to the lore documents as much as possible (most of which you’ll be coming up with), but I do have to reserve full GM fiat to veto, change and alter anything that I deem necessary. Hopefully I won’t have to do this.
  2. I’m very lenient and love encouraging player creativity, but that creativity comes at the cost of personal ego. We have to work together to make this happen — if you think that insisting on an idea will get you somewhere, this is not the RP for you. I reserve full right to exclude any uncooperative, unhelpful, or generally unpleasant players. This applies both to active and prospective players, although I'll do my best to convey concerns privately.
  3. Be sensible with power-levels, and you’ll find that you have a lot of freedom. I try not to make power-levels too important in my RPs, but I’m also against powergaming in all its forms. Go crazy, but not too crazy.
  4. OCs should be linked to the setting in some way - of course, details will be forthcoming, but we can work this out in chat.
  5. Play nice! Work with your fellow players, they’re more important than me.

If interested, please reply below with tentative character and any questions. No concrete reserved spots at the moment, apart from people who are already in one of my RPs and therefore get grandfathered in. I understand that there's no setting details to go off yet, so please stay tuned for more info.

Signup Template To Give An Idea Of What Might Be Required (No Acceptances Until Further Notice):

  • Name:
  • Appearance:
  • Setting:
  • Powers/Abilities:
  • Backstory:
  • Role In The City:
  • Other Things Of Note:

The more detail, the better - strut your stuff. Do let me know if this seems up your alley! Thanks for reading!

Accepted Characters, compiled by Darksidevoid

  • Alex Mercer by Lynkzero13
  • Alexi Vult by Mindris
  • Amaterasu by Kagescorpionakki
  • Andradite by LittleMako
  • Areum by HilarityEnsues
  • Asuka Langley Soryu by OG-Sama
  • Ayla by Chabal2
  • Blair Nightshade by HilarityEnsues
  • Bondrewd by Darksidevoid
  • Crowe Burst by Oni-Lord
  • Cuan anu Nelei-Myn by DoctorThunder
  • Dio Brando by OG-Sama
  • The Drifter by Stratofarius
  • Elimo by Altris
  • Everett by SullenFrog
  • Helena by Oni-Lord
  • Hiroki by HilarityEnsues
  • Ichiban Kasuga by Whizzerd
  • Idunn by Altris
  • Irvine Kinneas by Altris
  • Ivo Robotnik by Wikkit
  • J.J. Macfield by Whizzerd
  • Joe Austin by OG-Sama
  • Kaguya Houraisan by Wikkit
  • Kanase Teto by Xabbynip09
  • Kayne Ainsel by JumpingFruit
  • KD6-3.7 "Joe" by EchoingSilence
  • Kiel by Xabbynip09
  • Kim Kitsuragi by DoctorThunder
  • Leonardo Watch by Whizzerd
  • Lin Xue Ya by Darksidevoid
  • Maia by LittleMako
  • Matsumoto by Darksidevoid
  • Moloch "Moko" Kothys by JumpingFruit
  • Nathan Grey by Mindris
  • Prushka by Darksidevoid
  • Rebecca "Becca" by Lynkzero13
  • Satsuki Kiryuin by LittleMako
  • Seija Kijin by Wikkit
  • Susie by kagescorpionakki
  • "V" Vincent (and Robert John "Johnny Silverhand" DeLinder) by EchoingSilence
  • Vivy by Darksidevoid
  • Wisteria "Witch" Eleanor Adalhard by Lynkzero13
  • Yuudias Velgear by DarknessAwaits
  • Zima by LittleMako

Demoted to NPC

  • Adam Smasher by EchoingSilence
  • Godzilla by Lynkzero13
  • Jengbish by OG-Sama
  • Teddie by Xabbynip09

Inactive Characters/On Hiatus

  • Ashura by Makaioh
  • Briya Cadore by Sci300768
  • Erika Furudo by DarknessAwaits
  • Elliot Etirina by TheRealWren
  • Gromit by LizardOfAus
  • Helena by HilarityEnsues
  • Horobi by VeilJester
  • Jester Lavorre by Uncandescent
  • Johanna Faust by Oni-Lord
  • Neraida Argrove by Altris
  • Otto Octavius by Kaalban
  • Shirou Emiya by Makaioh
  • Wallace by LizardOfAus
  • Xantcha by SullenFrog


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darksidevoid Anti-Gnosis Weapon from The Frontiers (Ancient one) Relationship Status: Robosexual

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#2: Jan 3rd 2021 at 12:09:02 AM

Interested in signing up as a Master Draughtsman, perhaps even head of the Guild, and his daughter, either an Apprentice or Master Draughtswoman herself.

GM of AGOG S4: Frontiers RP; Sub-GM of TABA, SOTR, & UUA RPs

JumpingFruit An Ordinary Oddball from R'lyeh Since: Feb, 2018 Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu

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#3: Jan 3rd 2021 at 12:26:32 AM

Interest in signing up with a previous character that was in one of those RPs you mentioned~

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Omega Overlord. Or superjwren329. Either or.

#4: Jan 3rd 2021 at 3:28:50 AM

I've got a character idea for a guildmate/mechanic that'd be from the Etrian Odyssey series of games. Definitely interested in the premise of the RP.

Hope you weren't expecting anything witty here. Maybe some day.

TheGeekArtist08 Hello? Hello, hello? from Hurricane, Utah (no not really) Since: Feb, 2020 Relationship Status: Married to the job

Hello? Hello, hello?

#5: Jan 3rd 2021 at 5:06:18 AM

Definitely interested! Might play as a video game character. [And yes, who it'll be is a surprise for now.]

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wikkit Since: Sep, 2009

#7: Jan 3rd 2021 at 8:44:40 AM


SullenFrog (Elder Troper) Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me

#8: Jan 3rd 2021 at 8:54:31 AM

Expressing tentative interest. Don't have a concrete idea for a character in mind, however.

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Enirboreh AKA Nixer from the domain of infinite floof. Since: Jul, 2015 Relationship Status: Non-Canon

AKA Nixer

#9: Jan 3rd 2021 at 1:18:13 PM

Also tentative interest, just to mark it down. Nothing definite yet though.


kaalban Schrodinger's Human from everywhere and nowhere Since: Aug, 2015 Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA

Schrodinger's Human

#10: Jan 3rd 2021 at 4:22:52 PM

Paging interest

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Altris from the Vortex Since: Aug, 2019 Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair

#11: Jan 3rd 2021 at 6:20:14 PM

Tentative interest, no actual character ideas yet.

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HilarityEnsues Since: Sep, 2009

#12: Jan 3rd 2021 at 11:23:14 PM

Dropped because of rl stuff last time, but I'm in a better place to stick with it this time. Interested.

Korodzik Since: Jan, 2001

#13: Jan 4th 2021 at 1:17:49 AM


troydenite Since: Mar, 2011

#14: Jan 4th 2021 at 2:35:56 AM

Thanks for the interest, guys! Appreciate it - good to see some new and also some very familiar faces. Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (81)

We're still working out details of the setting, but in the meantime, please start thinking of characters. There's a few who may be reserved (by me, mostly), but otherwise, everything's very fluid at the moment. Could you please let me know which characters you might be playing? Duos would be my theoretical limit, although I'll allow groups and player NPCs on an individual basis.

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Noussibonne UFO: Unstoppable Force of Obnoxiousness from the Mothership Since: Apr, 2020 Relationship Status: A co*ckroach, nothing can kill it.

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#15: Jan 4th 2021 at 4:16:26 AM

Declaring tentative interest. I've got two concepts, but they're nothing set in stone at the moment.

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Sweet dreams are made of this~Who am I to disagree?

TheRealWren Omega Overlord. Or superjwren329. Either or. from I...honestly have no idea. Since: Jan, 2011

Omega Overlord. Or superjwren329. Either or.

#16: Jan 4th 2021 at 6:05:08 AM

...Well...the name and appearances are probably placeholders since I'm kinda wishy-washy on it. Powers might get adjusted if you think they need it and I'm still trying to figure out what adjustments to make to the backstory...but here's a draft of it all, I guess.

  • Name: Elliot Etirina.
  • Appearance: When not on an expedition.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (84) Tends to wear armor kinda like this when out on expeditions, I guess?Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (85). Stands at about 6 feet.
  • Setting: Etrian Odyssey.
  • Personality: If there's one word to sum up Elliot, it'd be optimistic. In many more words, Elliot's fairly energetic and easy-going and tries his best to get along with others. Granted, his drive for adventure or exploration can make him seem a bit reckless but is pretty aware of his own limitations. ...Still finds it somewhat tricky to pick up sarcasm.
  • Powers/Abilities: Slyph Speed: Elliot's only real magical ability. Probably. And even then, it's more of converting some of his own vitality to making himself much faster or temporarily speeding up his allies agility to a lesser effect. This can be pretty versatile, such as making exploration go by faster (or make a hasty retreat if things go south), being able to swing a blade or ready arrows faster or perform more mundane tasks quicker to finding it somewhat easier to evade attacks and in his case, likely deal a swift riposte in the process.
    • Ariadne Thread/Warp Wire EX: Not so much a power as a magical piece of equipment that every explorer back home would be crazy to go without. Infused with with a powerful 'recall' type of magic, it does what the name implies, warp the holder and anyone holding the thread back to the place set up as a 'tether'. Back home, they'd normally work only once yet here, it's capable of being reused. The drawbacks however is that it takes several minutes for it's magic to work, several hours to recharge and won't work in the middle of a fight.
    • Swift, Skilled: Elliot's a speedy fighter who knows how to handle a rapier to fend off foes and preferring finesse over force while being sturdy enough to take a few hits and while lacking in magical ability, he's adept at scouting ahead of the group if need and drawing up maps of whatever maze or labyrinth he and his allies might find himself in. ...And of course, one for the ever expanding city they've made suitable for living to help those who suddenly may appear out of the blue one day.
  • Backstory: It's tough being an explorer. Not just because of the traveling, deadly monsters, having to handle whatever nature and weather might have in store for you...but realizing by the time you set out for your own adventure to trek through and discover what secrets were within the labyrinths called 'Yggdrasil'...other guilds beat you to it.
    • One was in a quiet forest town of Etria, who's only claim to fame was the sprawling labyrinth and those reckless enough to try and brave whatever laid in wait below the earth...a second in the lands of High Lagaard with stretched up to the sky to a mysterious floating castle and third labyrinth reaching far beneath the ocean rested near a bustling port city known as Armoroad...
    • Elliot was not in one of those guilds responsible for 'solving' any of the Yggdrasil labyrinths, being a rookie adventurer who'd only just started his on own travels when word of other guilds exploits...and failures found their way to most taverns on the continent. It was somewhat disheartening, but at there were plenty of other smaller mazes, caves or ruins few could be bothered to explore which at least brought some renown and attention to his guild, 'Legacy'.
    • Things...went somewhat pear-shaped when other new adventurers wanted to join the slowly growing guild and what should've been a simple expedition to gradually show them the ropes went...poorly, to put it mildly. Common sense sadly wasn't a trait most of the would-be adventurers had, rationalizing that like anything else, the giant crimson death bear was something they'd be capable of fighting with enough spells, steel and sword, leaving Elliot as the only one not in a critical condition.
    • It wasn't much long after they'd tended to their wounds that they'd discovered some sort of...artifact? A wooden box with a curved glass window, dials and sparking wires and when one of the dials was turned, the screen displayed some sort of fussy grey lines, emitting a bright flash...and leaving Elliot alone and confused in The City.
    • ...Or at least, that's the story he goes with. It's not clear how much of that is actually true, but as it stands for now, with the unknown to explore and hopefully finding a way home in the process, the young adventurer's more than happy to see what tomorrow brings and help out where he can.
  • Role In The City: 'Mechanic' & Messenger/Courier. While the technology in the city is a bit more advanced than what Elliot would be used to finding in ruins and labyrinths to try and fix for coin, as long as it isn't TOO complex, he can probably repair most things if given a day or two. As for the second role, it's more for those who'd rather not use fancy technology like mobile phones or the like to send a message to others in the city, he's usually happy enough to do the legwork thanks to his abilities and natural agility.
  • Other Things Of Note: Has a phobia of squirrels. Carries what looks like a crystalized star with him. Is 21 years old.

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Altris from the Vortex Since: Aug, 2019 Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair

#17: Jan 4th 2021 at 12:07:26 PM

Name: Neraida Argrove

Profile: Neraida is a tall, willowy woman of apparent young-adulthood. She has waist-length brown hair that she keeps up to shoulder length with several hair clips that resemble butterflies. For clothing, she wears an elegant - if slightly inconvenient for everyday use - ankle-length green dress with long sleeves, trimmed with gold brocade around the edges. Under the dress, she wears loose-fitting brown pants. Her skin looks to be a normal light peach at first, but gives off a faint white glow, contrasting with her deep purple eyes. She has slightly pointed ears. She also carries around a small lidded basket woven from willow, which contains various types of plant material.

Setting: Original

Personality: Neraida is quite the enigmatic figure, choosing to drift through life with a knowing smile and a tendency to give vague answers. She finds it amusing when people squabble for petty reasons, and usually stays aloof from the struggle to watch from afar, professing an inability to truly connect with the people around her. She is surprisingly fond of children or child-like beings. In moments of vulnerability, she will express a desire to return home or, failing that, to understand the beings around her more deeply.

Role in the City: Neraida is fascinated by the Incoherence and is somewhat affiliated with the Draughtsmen by virtue of going on a few expeditions with them. Otherwise, she tends to her small private garden.


Illusion - Neraida can, with concentration, alter a being's perception of a single target roughly 2-3 meters in size she chooses to whatever she wishes it to be. Another person could become a slavering monster, a teacup a wall of fire, and so on. These illusions persist for so long as they are not directly interacted with by a third party, and any harm that could theoretically be done is only felt, not physically caused. This ability takes quite a bit out of her, and depending on the illusion's duration she is severely weakened from anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Plant Control - Due to absorbing not just Fae but nature magic, Neraida has immense control over the growth of plants. Wherever there is a plant already existing, Neraida can cause it to grow to her exact specifications, and with immense effort can bring a plant back to life.

Flight - By growing a pair of proportional-to-human-size butterfly wings, Neraida can fly. Breaking or otherwise severely injuring the wings will destroy them severely harm her.

Energy Ball - Neraida can create up to ten fist-sized spheres of concentrated magical energy powerful to kill someone and cause them to home in on a single target or a group, with accuracy decreasing for every additional target because she hasn't used this ability much.

Shapeshifting - Neraida can take the shape of any corporeal being she has knowledge of, requiring a moderate understanding of not just the being, but their powers, personality, and so on. In these cases, the appearance is merely superficial, and actually transforming into a different being with the attendant magic or similar takes much more effort and requires a deeper level of understanding.

Biological Immortality - Neraida is forever stuck at the physical age of twenty-five. The magic that she holds has preserved her body as such, and even if it was taken away the "damage" has already been done. As such, she cannot age, acquire diseases, or be affected by naturally purging toxins such as alcohol. She also does not require food or drink, though she can choose to consume such if she wishes.

Backstory: Neraida was raised in the lap of luxury, groomed to become the next successor to a noble family deeply and secretly connected with the natural spirits of her world, the Fae. However, the house of late had grown arrogant and planned to break its connection with the Fae in search of cutting down the forest for material gain. To this end, Laurel Argrove birthed her as part of a contract but broke it by keeping the child hidden from them. Enraged, the forest descended upon the Argrove mansion, killing all those who had planned to break the oath and raised the child as their own.

Raised with ambient nature magic seeping into her very being, Kyrie was nevertheless still mortal, but the Fae had grown fond of her in their odd way and planned to preserve her. By the time Kyrie - now named Neraida - was fifty years old and looked twenty-five, a young changeling had recently been ejected from human society after it proved too monstrous for the surrogate mother to handle and had almost exposed the Fae to society at large. By some arcane ritual involving quite a lot of Neraida's own blood, it was deprived of its nature as a Fae and the attendant powers, now a helpless infant with complete knowledge of what it had lost, and perhaps it was a mercy that it died quickly. However, the unprecedented ritual had cracked the very fabric of reality due to its unstable nature, and Neraida barely had time to grasp her favorite basket of flowers before she was gone. Fell into a space-time rift one day while poking around, as one does.

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kagescorpionakki Breath of the Sun from Long Ago Since: Apr, 2009 Relationship Status: Anime is my true love

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#18: Jan 4th 2021 at 12:41:33 PM

  • Name: Okami Amaterasu
  • Appearance: Origin of all that is Good, and Mother to us allToo Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (88)
  • Setting: Ōkami
  • Personality: A kind, motherly figure, who cares deeply for all living things. Though a capable fighter, Amaterasu prefers peace to violence and generally will attempt to defuse situations and exhaust other options before jumping to battle. However, should innocent lives be in danger, Amaterasu will jump to their defense immediately. While kind, she is also headstrong and free-spirited, not particularly big on ceremony, and will readily ignore the orders of queens if she feels the need. Living by the motto 'leap before you look', Amaterasu usually acts on her whims, though she's much more observant than one might guess from first blush.
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Woof: Amaterasu is a wolf. This means she has a strong sense of smell, and is very good at digging. Also very fluffy. Please pet.
    • Physical Abilities: Amaterasu is strong enough to suplex demons twice her size, can run at Olympian speeds for hours on end at full tilt, and is tough enough to withstand explosions, tornadoes, and lightning and keep fighting. She's quite a skilled combatant as well, having learned some weird canine martial arts and she's proficient with three different kinds of weapons.
    • Praise: Her power is the power of others who believe in her, be it humans, animals, or even plants. Cut off from the 'natural' world, she now sustains herself on the faith of those lost in the Ship.
    • Mother To Us All: Despite being an enormous wolf, she does not inspire fear. Her presence has a slight calming effect, in the way one would feel safe around one's mother. This is more pronounced in nonintelligent animals than people - animals will not attack her. Even territorial creatures such as bears will remain calm so long as she is nearby. Animals can still be forced to attack her, and domesticated creatures will still obey commands, but they will be much less likely to unintentionally hurt someone.
    • Celestial Brush: Amaterasu's tail acts as a brush upon the universe itself. By drawing on the world, Amaterasu can perform 13 different techniques. While her tail constantly produces ink, it takes time to replenish ink when used, and if she uses too many techniques she'll revert to a normal white wolf and can't use techniques or her weapons for about ten seconds. Unlike in her home universe, time doesn't stop while she is drawing, so a keen observer can avoid the brushstrokes or even interrupt her - to an outside observer it will appear as though Amaterasu is drawing on the air in front of her face, and they can disrupt the ink before it solidifies into the brush technique.
      • Sunrise: Amaterasu draws the sun in the sky, turning night into day or prolonging daytime... in her own realm, that is. Outside of her home universe, since she doesn't have such authority, it just makes an image of the sun, serving as a soft light that makes the area around it comfortably warm and dry.
      • Rejuvenation: Amaterasu paints in the missing pieces of anything damaged or broken, restoring it to pristine condition. Can also clean dirty things. Does not work on anything more technologically advanced than a water wheel.
      • Power Slash: Slashes an object or enemy along a straight line. Can slice through diamond boulders.
      • Greensprout: Actually 3 minor plant-based techniques:
        • Bloom: Causes plants to grow. Used on a person, gives them a little energy, as though they'd just had a lot of coffee.
        • Water Lily: Makes a large lily pad in water, to serve as a platform.
        • Vine: Draws a vines that can be used as rope - Amaterasu can pull herself towards objects with this technique, provided there's something you could tie a rope to.
      • Cherry Bomb: Creates an oversized round bomb that can be rolled around and explodes after a few seconds. The explosion is actually rather small, and Amaterasu can only have three bombs active at a time.
      • Waterspout: Draws a line from a source of water to a target, striking it with a high-power spray. It's secret technique, Deluge, uses more ink, but can create a small downpour on an enemy without needing an existing source of water. More ink = stronger downpour, and a strong one can pin an enemy to the ground with water.
      • Crescent: Amaterasu draws the moon in the sky, turning day into night or prolonging nighttime... in her own realm, that is. Outside of her home universe, since she doesn't have such authority, it merely creates a softly glowing image of the moon. The light of this image acts exactly like moonlight.
      • Galestorm: Creates a powerful gust of wind to blow enemies away or spin windmills. It's secret technique, Whirlwind, uses more ink but creates a small tornado around Amaterasu that slashes at enemies while pushing them away. More ink = tornado lasts longer.
      • Inferno: Draws a line from a source of fire to a target, burning it like a flamethrower. It's secret technique, Fireburst, uses more ink but creates a fireball without need of a fire source. More ink = bigger fireball.
      • Veil of Mist: Slows time for four seconds from Amaterasu's perspective. To an outsider, it just looks like Amaterasu is moving faster for a few seconds. Doesn't stack with itself, but reusing it before the four seconds are up resets the duration.
      • Catwalk: Draws cat's paws on a flat surface, allowing Amaterasu to stick to it and climb it by jumping up it.
      • Thunderstorm: Draws a line from a source of open electricity (a tesla coil works, a power outlet doesn't) to a target, striking it with the force of lightning. It's secret technique, Thunderbolt, uses more ink but summons a lightning bolt without a source of electricity. More ink = bigger bolt.
      • Blizzard: Draws a line from a source of ice or snow to a target, freezing it with an icy spray. It's secret technique, Icestorm, uses more ink but creates a storm of icy needles to bombard enemies without need of an ice source. More ink = bigger storm.
    • Water Tablet: A high-tech charm made by the Moon Tribe. Allows Amaterasu to walk on water.
    • Divine Instruments: Amaterasu's weapons. They float above her back, and she can move them without touching them. She swings them by swinging her head and neck. She can only use one at a time, but can switch between them at will. It takes a few seconds of concentration to switch weapons.
      • Solar Flare: A reflector - a mirror-like weapon - enveloped in fire. It can be used to smash enemies or as a shield to block attacks. It is very balanced in terms of speed and power, and acts as a source of fire for Inferno.
      • Tundra Beads: A rosary of blisteringly cold magatama beads. A weapon that acts like a bladed whip, fast and long-ranged, but weaker than Amaterasu's other weapons. The beads can also be rapidly fired off like bullets, after which they will reform back on the rosary after a few seconds. Acts as a source of ice for Blizzard.
      • Thunder Edge: A huge greatsword, almost as big as Amaterasu herself. A powerful, slow weapon that can smash through weak defenses. By charging it with power for a few seconds, it can be used in a powerful forward drill lunge. Acts as a source of electricity for Thunderstorm.
  • Backstory:
    • In ancient Nippon, the village of Kamiki was beset by the twisted serpent Yamata no Orochi. Having slew the divines of the Celetial Plain and nearly ended worship of the Kami, they were powerless to stop him. Every year he would demand the fairest maiden of the village be sacrificed to his hunger. Each year, a white wolf appeared to stalk the sacrificial maiden, and the villagers dubbed it the Demon Shiranui. But one year, the brave swordsman Nagi defied Orochi and with the wolf's help slew the beast. In truth, that wolf was the goddess Amaterasu. She died saving Nagi's life. A century passed and the goddess was reincarnated, the white wolf returning to a land devoid of hope or light. Orochi had returned as well, and cursed the land.
    • Amaterasu restored the sun, and met her new Celestial Envoy, a funny sprite named Issun. Together they traveled across Nippon, defeating Orochi once more as well as countless other demons, both great and small. Restoring faith to the people and reclaiming the powers of the failing gods, she found the true source of all darkness, Yami, and vanquished it. The Sun rose again, and with her old friend Waka, she returned to the Celestial Plain to purge it of the last of Yami's influence. At least, that was the plan, until Amaterasu found herself in hell.
    • Cut off from her sun, weakened, she nonetheless fought to protect those humans that were with her. Their gratitude invigorated her, and as there was seemingly no escape, she resolved to protect all who fell into this cursed place. Slowly, as the people of Concordia built their city of light and pushed back the darkness, Amaterasu began to regain her former abilities. Because even as they advanced, Amaterasu did all she could to help them - making their plants grow, providing fresh rainwater, and protecting them from the demonic incursions that plagued them.
  • Role In The City: A First Farer, instrumental in the city's creation, yet she refused membership on the Diet, seeing herself as apolitical. Worship of her is the most common religion in the city, albeit by a thin plurality, and she is a legendary figure subject to much national mythos. She is known to assist the Draughtsmen at times, though her days are primarily spent helping random strangers throughout the city.
  • Other Things Of Note: Amaterasu's true form is technically hidden, such that only those who know her to be a god can see her crimson markings and weapons. Others will only see a normal white wolf. Given her status as a god is public knowledge in Concordia, effectively everyone can see her true form anyway.
    • Despite being a wolf, Amaterasu has, at some point in the past 143 years, somehow learned how to speak human languages. Her words don't really match her mouth movements, which can be disorienting.

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#19: Jan 4th 2021 at 12:51:03 PM

  • Name: Everett
  • Appearance: An unkempt and emaciated man of apparent middle age. His face is grotesque, with bony “goggles” protruding from his eye sockets, two-inch-long fangs protruding from his upper lip, and his lower lip being cleft down the middle. His skin has a blueish cast to it and is covered in geometric tattoos, and he is missing his right arm, though this fact is not immediately apparent as he wears a floor-length shoulder cape over the right side of his body. Under the cape he wears ratty jeans and goes bare-chested.
  • Setting: original
  • Powers/Abilities: Everett claims to have the powers of a god. While he does possess supernatural abilities, they are nothing exceptional by the standards of the city. They include the following:
    • Electrokinesis: Everett can project arcs of electricity from his hand. The bolts cover a maximum range of 10 metres. He can concentrate this electrical blast on one target, with enough intensity to kill a normal person, or spread it among up to five targets, no two of which can be further than 2 metres apart.
    • Hydrokinesis: Everett can, with concentration, make it rain in his immediate vicinity. The intensity of this rain varies from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour, depending on his mood and inclination. He can also manifest a tentacle made of water to act as a replacement for his missing arm.
    • Discorporation: Everett can dissolve into water vapor. He can then travel through the air in cloudlike form. When he wishes to coalesce back into physical form, he can literally rain down. He cannot be physically harmed in this form, though he can easily be trapped by a dehumidifier or blown away by a sufficiently strong wind.
    • Rain Sense: While Everett is in an area where it is currently raining, the rain acts as an extension of his sense of touch. He can feel anything that the rain is falling on, allowing him to sense the positions of people and objects that he cannot otherwise see. Can be used to track people, as long as they don't pull out an umbrella and lose themselves in a crowd or go indoors.
    • The Third Sun: Reflecting the most famous myth of the god whose essence he supposedly inherited, Everett can temporarily shift his elemental affinity from water to fire. In this state the rain he summons now becomes torrents of scorching flame. He can only sustain this for a short time, and doing so leaves him greatly drained for about a day afterward.
    • Faith Empowerment: Supposedly, the strength of Everett's powers is tied to how much people believe in his alleged divinity. Since no one in the city does, he is apparently much weaker than he would be in his own world.
    • Resilience: Whether an aspect of his divinity or just superhuman toughness, Everett is not easy to kill. He cannot drown and is unharmed by lightning strikes. A shotgun blast at point-blank range would knock him off his feet and hurt like hell, but it would not cause lasting harm. He is not invulnerable, however, and weapons that could reduce a human body to chunky salsa could almost certainly kill him.
  • Backstory: If you believe his ramblings, Everett is the last survivor of a world that was in the process of a metaphysical rebirth. He was one of several people chosen to inherit the essences of various ancient gods, which they would use to reshape and revitalize their dying world as they saw fit. Something went wrong, however, and their world tore itself apart. Everett was separated from his friends and loved ones as he fell into a spatial rift, which dumped him onto the outskirts of the city some fifteen years ago.
  • Role In The City: Everett has some acquaintance with the Draughtsmen, and occasionally volunteers to join them on their expeditions into the Incoherence. He maintains some hope that others from his world may have made it to the ship, but that hope dies a little more each time an expedition fails to turn up any sign of them. When he isn’t risking his life on this fool’s hope, he uses his powers to help tend to the city’s gardens.
  • Other Things Of Note:
    • Everett comes from the forum roleplay Aut Omnia, aut Nihil. Specifically, he comes from an alternate version of that setting where the player characters failed to accomplish their goals and the world was destroyed before it could be reborn.
    • Everett has not been able to grow stronger since arriving in the city for two reasons. First, there is already a well-entrenched deity who covers many aspects of his portfolio (namely, Amaterasu), so people pray to her rather than to him when giving thanks for good weather and bountiful harvests. Second, his divine essence—the metaphysical thingamajig which gives him his godly powers and occasionally provides commentary from the deity whose powers they belong to—was damaged during the destruction of his reality.
    • In addition to the above, Everett's damaged divine essence prevents him from getting any sort of prosthetic or graft to replace his missing arm. If he gets a replacement, the essence reacts by destroying it with a discharge of divine energies. The only theoretical way to stop this from happening would be to find some way to heal the damage, but he has no idea how to do that.
    • The water Everett produces is not inherently holy. He can make it holy if he needs to, but most of the time it's just ordinary water. This is because most of the water comes from him, and he does not have a high opinion of himself.

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  • Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
  • Appearance: here's a pic of him competing in the 2020 Olympics' 100m Dash because he comes from a reality where it wasn't cancelled due to covidToo Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (91)
  • Setting: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • He can run pretty fast for an obese, middle-aged 6'2" man.
    • Extraordinarily gifted in the fields of robotics, cybernetics and manufacturing. Single-handedly able to build uncountable models of machines and do so in a timely fashion, from seemingly nothing. The actual quality of these machines varies wildly, though iteration and improvement is always on his mind. Has a general capacity to make high tech gadgets and technology, most of which are required to have "Egg" somewhere in the title.
  • Backstory: There was a guy who got f*cking executed by firing squad in an E rated game, who was the grandfather of this ginger who made a lot of robots and tried to take over the world every few years for the past 30. Despite his regular near-success in this field, he kept getting stopped by an anthropomorphic mammal with sneakers on because he keeps building his bases with loop-de-loops and rails to grind on. Also one time in the late 90s he specifically stole 5 pairs of Reeboks from a shoe store for some reason.
  • Personality: Incredibly self-important, self-assured, self-centered and selfish. Basically doesn't care about anyone besides himself and has some distaste for organic life in general. Very boisterous and loud. Absolutely no moral qualms whatsoever. Despite sounding like a sociopath, he generally acts a lot sillier than I've made him sound.
  • Role In The City: A baron of industry, responsible for providing much of the labor force in simple automatons and also quickly and cheaply manufacturing housing and infrastructure to contribute to the extreme urban sprawl. Absolutely relishes being a part of the livelihoods of millions and all of the fame that brings, being the big egomaniac he is. Probably not going to take over Concord.
  • Other Things Of Note: Amalgamation of various versions of Eggman, but leans most towards the Sonic Adventure and some of the modern comic versions and furthest away from SatAM.
  • Name: Kaguya Houraisan
  • Appearance: This one,Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (92) and then a pic of her reaction to your continued attempts at flattery.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (93) I'd guess she looks like a youthful adult.
  • Setting: Touhou
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Mistress of the Hourai Elixir: She is absolutely immortal. If she was poisoned, she'd keel over and wake up a minute later. If she was beheaded, she'd pop back into re-existence at her usual height. If she was completely vaporized, she'd go and reform from nothing in due time. Healing from any kind of injury or fatality takes a minute or two. She has a tolerance for pain, but it still isn't something she enjoys.
    • Bamboo Cutting: Flight. Touhou. 'nuff said.
    • Manipulation of Eternity: Kaguya can, if we're gonna completely ignore any nuance to the terms used here, instill an object, place or person to really use Newton's Laws at face value. Anything that she can touch can remain the exact same eternally, unless something significantly messes with it. A lit candle could burn forever if not blown out, snuffed or drenched. A house could remain in perfect condition for hundreds of years, as long as none drag their feet on the carpet. The sun could never rise, as long as long as you don't question why the night is unusually long too hard. Stuff like that.
    • Eternal Visage: Yeah nobody cares, but she is inhumanly beautiful. Like, Helen of Troy levels of timeless, universally appealing and untarnishable beauty. Men fight to the death and girls go gay for her. She purdy.
  • Backstory: Once, a long time ago, Kaguya got her friend and drug dealer to create an elixir of immortality for her. This, due to the difficult-to-succinctly-explain values of Purity (in the Shinto-Buddhist sense) among other things, was seen as the most heinous of transgressions by her fellow Moon People and she were promptly exiled to Earth for eternity. There, Kaguya briefly lived a mundane life with a bamboo cutter for an adoptive father. This changed quickly when everyone learned how pretty she was, and attaining a noble position she was sought out by all the powerful men of Japan.
    • Her gambit here was to send these suitors out on a trip to gather a bunch of very-hard-to-acquire artifacts, which was made even harder because she had 'em already. What an asshole. After causing the deaths of many noblemen through failure or suicide, her Mooninite friends returned. The Lunarians said "come back we forgive you" and she wasn't having any of it. Even if Earth was Impure™ she happened to quite like it here, and as such she flipped them off and started to run. Eirin helped her escape, and then they eventually built a nice house in a land full of frilly girls to hide from the continued kidnapping attempts.
  • Personality: Bored. Adroit and blithe. Able to act extremely proper, but prefers quiet, elegant casual talking. Despite being kinda important, generally ignores her duties and her place in the world. Doesn't care about her own life or body because of course she doesn't.
  • Role in the city: Noblewoman, socialite, very rich person. Has a lot of children who hold uncomfortable amounts of power.
  • Notes: Tried to go find the Orb of Origen once but got bored and left.

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  • Name: Maia
  • Appearance:
  • Setting: Original (homebrew post-apocalyptic pathfinder campaign)
  • Personality: Friendly, with a laid-back and cheerful enthusiasm, Maia has a very straightforward and logical mindset - she observes, analyzes, and then acts with precision. She is also somewhat dense and naive, still learning organic social mores, and is totally unflappable and fearless. Her cheerful demeanor vanishes completely when she detects a threat, replaced with a dispassionate, tactical calculation.
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Super-human strength, agility, and durability. She can withstand extreme temperatures and hostile environments, and does not need to eat or sleep.
    • Sensor suite – Maia can see across a broad range of the EM spectrum and has a variety of sensors (Ladar, radar, sonar, radiation sensors, chemical sniffers) and analysis programs.
    • Combat programming and analysis – Maia was built to fight, and even in her damaged state she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship.
    • Thaumoneural network – Maia’s mind is a combination of programmed magic and conventional AI that is well-suited to comprehending incoherence.
    • Weaponry – A plasma pistol and a laser-blade spear.
  • Backstory:
    • Maia was found by a draughtsman team in a damaged and dormant state while exploring an uncharted Room. When she was re-activated, it was discovered that her memory banks had severely degraded. She had no clear idea of where she had come from or who had built her – only fragmented files and protocols, and fuzzy memories of the route she had taken through the incoherence before her systems failed.
    • Since she was deemed to not be a threat, and was found to be both useful and eager to help, she was recruited into the draughtsmen and has been helping explore the ship ever since.
  • Role In The City: Works for the draughtsmen as a forward scout, cartographer and general muscle.
  • Other Things Of Note:
    • Magi-tech construction - Maia's design is based on principles of conventional science and industrialized magic. Her consciousness or AI is comprised of layers of electronic software and complex self-sustaining spells, and many of her onboard systems utilize enchanted components.
      • In order to function, therefore, she needs to be able to use magic, which is usually not something that can be done without a soul. To get around this limitation, her designers seem to have imbued her AI with a tiny fragment of a soul - just enough to trick the universe into letting her draw power from beyond the veil. How this small fragment has adapted to centuries of failing systems and exposure to the Incoherance is not currently known.
    • Unknown potential – Due to accumulated damage, power limitations, and control software issues, Maia is operating at a small fraction of her theoretical full power.
    • Unknown origin – Some of Maia’s memories seem to depict a non-Condordia civilisation based elsewhere in the ship. It is unknown who her builders were or even if they are still alive.

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  • Name: Mei Zharen Aitera
  • Appearance: Pay no heed to the jackal ears.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (97)
  • Setting: Exalted, 3rd Edition
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • Skills:
      • Bureaucracy: Having trained to be a minister, Aitera has solid management skills. Over a century of being on the Diet has only honed her skills.
    • Shapeshifting: Aitera can shapeshift into any animal whose form she has claimed. Likewise, she can also shapeshift into the shape of any specific person whose face she has claimed. Animals Aitera can transform into include: Jackals, peaco*cks, seagulls, rats, cats, octopuses, crabs, jellyfish, swans, tigers, crocodiles, and krakens. Her archetypal form is a jackal-peaco*ck chimera.
    • Charms: The charms Aitera knows are as follows:

Bear Sleep Technique

Withdrawing into herself, Aitera enters a rejuvenating hibernation. The rate at which she heals naturally is multiplied by 8. Time spent hibernating doesn’t count towards the maximum she can go without food or water. Aitera may choose to hibernate until she’s fully healed from all damage, or for a set period of time. Aitera does not age while hibernating.

Pack Instinct Affirmation

Aitera walks the boundaries between human and beast, at one with both worlds. Animals feel an instinctive loyalty towards her, equivalent to a Minor Tie.

Many-Faced Moon Transformation

Aitera wears ten thousand faces, yet she’s always herself. She alters her current form’s appearance: increasing or reducing her height by 10 inches; increasing or decreasing her weight by up to 10%; altering her apparent age; changing or removing sexual characteristics; changing skin tone, eye color, and hair color and length; and/or cosmetic changes like adding scars or birthmarks. She can alter both human and animal forms. Changes made are permanent, but a second use of this charm can undo them. Aitera can conceal her identity with this transformation.

Boundary-Marking Meditation

Laying her mark upon the world, Aitera claims a land as hers. She claims a single contiguous region no more than 30 square miles as her territory. To do so, she must fully master the land she wishes to claim. When she's done so, the land's qualities make actions she might take within it easier, if the qualities are applicable. For instance, a fertile territory would make agricultural activities. By the same logic, penalties are applied to any activities that go against these qualities. Aitera never suffers these penalties while in her own territory.

Harmony-With-Reality Technique

Standing at the boundary of order and chaos, Aitera reconciles the two to create an enclave of safety. She may stabilize the Incoherence within territories claimed with Boundary-Marking Meditation. Success renders it more amenable to habitation. While it remains unbound by natural laws, it won’t assume a state that makes human habitation impossible.

Beast-Soul Awakening Crucible

Aitera raises a sacred place from the wilderness or her estate, consecrated to the divine beast that is her spirit’s shape.Those who enter are tested; those found worthy emerge blessed with bestial power. Reflecting Aitera's spirit shape, a chimera of jackal and peaco*ck; successful participants receive traits of whichever animal best fits their personality and their triumph’s nature. These mutations are hereditary, letting Aitera establish great beastfolk lineages.

Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace

Moonsilver flows across Aitera’s skin as she solidifies her anima, encasing her in indestructible armor. This armour shapeshifts with her and can fuse with anything she's already wearing, combining the best of both.

  • Sorcery: Aitera is a sorcerer, letting her perform any spell she knows, as well as perform sorcerous workings and projects. Spells she knows are as follows:
    • Peaco*ck Shadow Eyes
    • Death of Obsidian Butterflies
    • Demon of the First Circle
    • Keel Cleaves the Clouds
    • Magma Kraken
    • Thorn of Cold Rebuke
    • Torrential Cascade
  • Backstory:
    • The daughter of an affair Zhao Zharen Zhiye, a Zhao noblewoman, had with Mei Fera Rain, a Meiyu fisherman, Mei Zharen Aitera was born into a family that wanted her gone as soon as possible. It was all Zhiye could do to ensure her daughter would at least carry the name of her clan, before Aitera was unceremoniously handed over to her Meiyu family.
    • (Notes: Meiyu and Zhao are ethnic groups in Zhaojun, which uses an ethnic hierarchy with the Zhao people on the top and the region's native Meiyu near the bottom. People of mixed descent hold all the rights and privileges of their lowest ranked ethnicity.)
    • Long story short, Aitera tried to become a minister in her home city, ran into problems due to racism and rampant corruption, and got blessed by Luna as a Lunar Exalt. Aitera swiftly departed Goldenseal for the Caul. On the way there, she fell into a Leak. She found others similarly displaced, and they, along with the crew of her ship, became the first inhabitants of the settlement that would become Concordia.
  • Role In The City: Oligarch, holds a seat in the Diet.
  • Other Things Of Note:

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Everyone's signups seem fine, so you're all accepted! Discord invites are being sent out via PM to those who aren't already in, so please check your tiny little Tropes profile pic. Thanks so much!

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  • Name: Leonardo "Leo" Watch
  • Appearance: Just another idealistic, powerless little man that you can find on any street in any city.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (100) But my, what beautiful eyes he has.Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (101)
  • Setting: Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Personality: The very picture of an average young man. Leo is a bit of a coward but never backs down, enduring hardships rather than turning away from them (earning him the affectionate title of 'Tortoise Knight' from his sister). He's generally kind and tolerant but is an expressive person who won't hesitate to voice his displeasure. Having lived for a while in a crazy city where every day invites a new brand of bizarre danger, Leo has grown to expect the unexpected and can adapt quickly to sudden changes. Though he used to hate himself for his cowardice and normalness, living in Hellsalem's Lot has taught him not to get hung up on such things- so long as he always takes a step forward, then he has nothing to regret.
  • Powers/Abilities:
    • The All-Seeing Eyes of God: An unwanted gift from an unknown deity. Leo's eyes are ancient artifacts far beyond the ken of mortals, housing immense power that even Leo himself doesn't fully comprehend. However, he's been in possession of them long enough to discover a host of their abilities:
      • In general, Leo's eyes allow him to see the truth of all things. He can see through any illusion or disguise, can detect movement too fast or objects too small for the human eye to process, see on all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, distinguish a person's aura (and, if a person loses a body part, he can see the connecting aura between it and the main body), can magnify his vision up to 500x, and can see through a standard thickness wall.
      • As a consequence, Leo interacts uniquely with the Incoherence. It can best be summarized thusly; the All-Seeing Eyes can decipher the threads of chaos that weave together to create the Incoherence, but Leo is not capable of processing the information that the All-Seeing Eyes provide him. As such, he is more capable of imposing Concordance than most, but to do so places all the burden on his Eyes and leaves him otherwise incapacitated. It is not a process that he understands, nor can he explain.
      • He has the ability to project his vision onto other people, allowing them to see what he sees. He doesn't require eye contact to do this, but he does have to know where his targets are in relation to him. Whether this works for robots or androids is a case-by-case basis, but tends to have more success the more developed their visual sensors are. Once he has projected his vision Leo can alter it to an intense degree, inspiring nausea and vertigo in the people who witness these hallucinations. This is pretty much his only form of self-defense.
      • Vice-versa is also possible; by initiating eye contact with a person, Leo is able to see through their eyes. This can continue if they break eye contact and move away, up to a distance of 30 metres. If eye contact is maintained then Leo can see anything that the target has seen in their past, i.e. vision-based psychometry. The target doesn't have to remember what they saw in order for Leo to see it; on the flip side, it only works for sight and not audio.
      • His eyes possess a regenerative quality that allow them to recover from even severe injuries in a matter of hours. This healing factor does not extend to the rest of his body, as Leo has discovered with his bi-monthly trips to the ER. Fun side note: despite their techno-look, Leo's eyes act organically, bleeding if they're injured and crying if he's upset.
      • Usage of the Eyes (beyond their passive abilities stated in the first bullet point) generates heat. Using their abilities for too long can cause them to overheat and crack, rendering them unusable until they've healed up.
    • Other: Leonardo is experienced with a camera and has a driving license.
  • Backstory:
    • On Leo's version of Earth, a dimensional portal opened in New York City and caused it to merge with the supernatural Alterworld, creating a chaotic confluence of human and alien that came to be known as Hellsalem's Lot. An impenetrable fog made access into the city difficult, but that didn't stop Leo's family from travelling there in the hopes of finding a cure for his sister's disability. What they found instead was a celestial being that gave Leo the All-Seeing Eyes of God while robbing his sister of her sight.
    • Determined to help his sister, Leo moved to Hellsalem's Lot and there became embroiled with Libra, a top-secret organisation created to protect the balance between Earth and the Alterworld. It was through working with them that Leo developed bravery, self-worth, the ability to use his eyes, and a penchant for being horribly maimed by the many and various dangers of Hellsalem's Lot.
    • One day, during his part-time gig as a pizza delivery boy, Leo took a delivery route with a 60% survival rate (about the safest you can get in HL) and drove right through an interdimensional slit that deposited him in one of the City's many uncharted Rooms. This wasn't even the strangest thing to have happened to him that week. By happenstance- which very well could be Leo's middle name- this was shortly before the room was set to be excavated by the Draughtmen. What they found there was a terrified young man caught in a stupor as his All-Seeing Eyes warped the reality around him into something survivable.
    • A few weeks later sees Leo working as a member of the Draughtmen, quickly attuned to the bizarre nature of the City and hoping to find a way back to his own home of untold danger and chaos.
  • Role In The City: Draughtmen Heuronaut: Given his All-Seeing Eyes' unique chemistry with the Incoherence, Leonardo was assigned to work as an interpreter for the chaos matter. He also assists in the detection of leaks and hatches that would otherwise be difficult for a human to find.
  • Other Things Of Note:
    • Accompanying Leonardo through the Leak is Sonic the Speed MonkeyToo Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (102), a cowardly but lovable little chimp with the ability to move at high velocity- fast enough to appear as a blur to a regular human being. He's capable of understanding human language and will loyally follow Leo around, but best not to depend on him if the situation gets too scary.
    • Besides Sonic, Leo was driving his work's delivery scooter and was in possession of his personal camera when he fell through the Leak. Both are still operable thanks to his Guild membership allowing him access to one of the City's many disparate power sources.

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Looks good to me. Leo is accepted.


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Too Many Cooks Spoil The Multiverse: This Is (Not) A Joke [Interest Check/Signup Thread] (2024)


What is the meaning of the saying "too many cooks spoil the broth"? ›

Proverbial saying, meaning that if too many people are involved in a task or activity, it will not be done well; it is recorded from the late 16th century. The allusive phrase too many cooks is also used.

What does too many cooks in the kitchen spoil? ›

When too many people work together on a project, the result is inferior.

What does too many cooks spoil the broth expand the proverb? ›

The given proverb, 'too many cooks spoil the broth', is used to give the meaning that if too many people are involved in a task or activity, it will not be done well. Do not confuse it with the literal meaning that if many chefs cook a broth it will get spoilt.

How do you use too many cooks spoil the broth in a sentence? ›

I am preaching the doctrine that too many cooks spoil the broth. She should be even more familiar with the old cuisine adage that too many cooks spoil the broth. There is a point beyond competition where too many cooks spoil the broth. Some people say that too many cooks spoil the broth.

What is the meaning behind too many cooks? ›

said to mean that something may not be successful if too many people try to do it at the same time. So far nothing had worked. It was simply a case of too many cooks. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

What does too many cooks spoil the broth proverb essay? ›

The literal meaning of the proverb is that when many cooks are appointed to prepare the soup, they will spoil it instead of making it delicious. Each of them will have his own tastes and preferences and will use them to make the soup. Often, they disagree with one another in the method of making the broth.

What is the full saying of too many cooks in the kitchen? ›

There is an old adage that too many cooks spoil the broth. It is not only in the well-known proverb, but also in this present instance, that too many cooks spoil the broth.

Is too many cooks in the kitchen a metaphor? ›

What does it mean to have too many cooks in the kitchen? Having too many cooks in the kitchen is an expression businesses use to describe a work environment where a group of colleagues is experiencing challenges working together toward the same goal.

What is an example of too many cooks? ›

Too many cooks spoil your defensive plan against corners, so they say. After all, too many cooks spoil the broth... It felt as if too many cooks had been involved.

What is too many cooks spoil the broth theory? ›

Too many cooks spoil the broth means if too many people are involved in an activity, they can ruin it.

What is a real life example of too many cooks spoil the broth? ›

The company management had 11 decision makers. No wonder it closed operations since too many cooks spoil the broth. I sincerely hope that you have taken care that too many cooks will not spoil the broth in this event. The kids wanted to do a good science project but too many cooks spoilt the broth.

What is a similar saying to too many cooks spoil the broth? ›

There is Russian proverb "Seven nannies have a child without an eye." or "A child, looked after by seven nannies is without one eye." but I've checked and it seems English equivalent is "Too many cooks spoil the broth."

Do too many cooks spoil the broth maybe not? ›

Answer and Explanation:

If you hear someone use the expression 'too many cooks spoil the broth,' they most likely are not talking about actual chefs. This expression means that a product, activity, or idea will be worse if too many people try to influence or control it.

What is the meaning of too many cooks spoil the broth in economics? ›

Answer and Explanation:

Due to this scenario, the marginal product starts falling and the fixed factor starts spoiling in terms of efficiency and quality. With this essence, the quote says that too many quantities of the variable factors spoil the fixed factors.

How can you prove this maxim to be incorrect too many cooks spoil the broth? ›

It is said that too many cooks spoil the broth means a work assigned to too many people spoil it instead of making it effective but on the contrary a single work is divided into little tasks to more than one person and where there is division of labour and fusion of power,there this maxim can be proved to be wrong..

What does too many chiefs and not enough Indians mean? ›

The idiom “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” is meant to describe the issue that occurs in some companies in which there are too many managers and not enough workers. This idiom originated in a beautifully written editorial by Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, known in English as Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces Nation.

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