Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (2024)

Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (2)

Lena the Plug was born Lena Nersesian on 1st June 1991. She’s a famous social media star, YouTuber, media personality, adult content creator, and internet personality from California, U.S. Many people know her as a YouTuber who shares interactive videos.

The report shows that 45% of her YouTube followers are female whereas 55% are male. Lena shares Q&A rounds, prank videos, challenges, and some personal things on her YouTube channel.

Lena the Plug also has a personal website ‘OnlyFans’ where she shares personal and adult content. That’s not all, she also shares the content on her Instagram account and Facebook. Many people criticize her videos.

Well, her explicit hard work earns her a 7-figure net worth. There are some facts that you probably don’t know about Lena Nersesian. Continue reading to learn about her age, biography, height, husband, family, career, net worth, and facts.

Lena The Plug’s Bio ( Early life & Education)

Real name Lena Nersesian. She was born June 1st, 1991 in California, U. S. A. Lena The Plus’s Zodiac Sign is Gemini. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday receiving comment wishes from her friends and fans.

“ Happy birthday to the hottest girl on the internet,” one fan commented.

Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (3)

She underwent basic education in a local school and enrolled for higher education at the University of California. In 2013, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Because of financial difficulties, the social media influencer could not complete her post-graduation.

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Lena The Plug’s Wiki ( Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity)

Lena’s achievements are based on her hard work and determination. It all started after she chose to leave home after high school. Though she has soft spot for her parents, the Snapchat model revealed that she is no longer in contact with them.

Her parents brought her up with Christian religion and ethics. In her first YouTube video, she said watching a movie like Boy Meets World could get her in trouble.

Sadly, it’s because of her adult content that her parents ended their relationship with her. Lena wanted her parents to understand she only does adult content because of her livelihood.

Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (5)

From our web research, there’s no available data about her parents. Surprisingly, the star shared a video dancing with her mom but her mom’s face is invisible. Lena’s parents are of Armenian origin. This makes Lena an Armenian-American origin. According to online sources, she’s the only child of her parents, therefore, she has no siblings.

Lena The Plug’s Relationship, Boyfriend & Marriage

The famous YouTuber is in a relationship with Adam Grandmaison. The duo started dating in 2016 and enjoy a peaceful relationship since then. You probably might have heard of Adam 22, the famous BMX rider, he’s the same Adam Grandmaison.

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Adam proposed to Lena on June 2nd, 2021 and she said YES instantly. She posted the engagement news through her social media handle and they looked stunning together.

Lena The Plug’s Children

Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (7)

Lena shared details about her pregnancy when she was almost 12 weeks pregnant. The duo was blessed with their first child in November 2020.

Lena shares her daughter’s photo on her social media platforms. The couples celebrated their daughter’s first birthday in style.

Lena The Plug’s Career

After completing her studies, Lena started working in one of the private firms in Sweden. But, she was not content with her work and wanted to do something fun of her own.

In an interview, she said she was once asked to shoot naked and get paid 50% of the profit. But, this didn’t work for her and she had to find more options.

Lena as a YouTuber

Lena started her YouTube channel on August 22, 2016. She uploads pranks, Q/A rounds, challenges, daily videos, and more.

As of July 2022, her channel has 1.62 million subscribers. Not to forget, Lena also shares videos of her family and friends but she never shows the faces of her family members.

‘ OnlyFans’ Profile

Lena has an account on the adult website known as OnlyFans. To have access to her account, you’ll have to subscribe for $5 per month but you get discounts for bulky subscriptions. To date, she’s posted 149 videos and 601 photos. Her photos receive over 570k likes.

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Lena The Plug’s Net Worth ( Car & House)

Lena’s main source of income is her career. During an interview, the mother of one confirmed that 95% of her income is from an OnlyFans subscription while the remaining 5% is from her YouTube content and other social media platforms. In 2021, her net worth was approximated to a 7 figure around $ 3–4 million.

5 Facts about Lena The Plug

  1. She loves eating well-balanced meals to keep healthy and fit
  2. The YouTuber loves celebrating Halloween with her young family
  3. She performs daily exercises to keep fit
  4. The Instagram Influencer loves traveling with family
  5. She has a white-colored pet cat called Tony

Lena’s social media platforms

  • Instagram account: click here
  • Facebook: Click here
  • Twitter: click here
  • Wikipedia: N/A


Lena The Plug Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age and More (2024)


Are Adam and Lena still together? ›

Adam22 and Lena The Plug have been married since May of this year and were engaged in 2021. Even before that, the couple had a baby girl, Parker Ann Grandmaison. However, as almost everyone knows, they do not have the most conventional relationship.

What degree does Lena the Plug have? ›

Nersesian got her high school diploma in 2009 and attained a 3.69 GPA in her degree in Psychology. She earned her degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz, California, in 2013. She later pursued her postgraduate degree in Psychology at Lund University in Sweden for one year.

Who did Lena do a scene with? ›

Let us know what you think of this admission from Adam22, in the comments section below. What did you initially think of his choice to have Lena do a scene with Jason Luv?

Is Adam22 actually married? ›

How long have Adam and Lena been married? ›

Years active2006–present
Known forNo Jumper ONSOMEsh*t The Come Up
SpouseLena Nersesian ​ ( m. 2023)​
14 more rows

Who is the wife of Addam 22? ›

He married his wife, Lena 'The Plug' Nersesian, in May 2023, who initially started her days out as a content creator and shortly later got into the field of the adult film industry. Adam and Lena released their first sex tape in 2017, and it was distributed among their OnlyFans.

Who is the wife of no jumper? ›

Lena The Plug has been making waves in the entertainment industry over the years. It began with her appearances on her husband, Adam22's platform, No Jumper. However, these days, it's a career as an adult film star.

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