Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (2024)

Legendary Bosses inConan Exiles are the hardest bosses to defeat. They roam the map looking for a challenge. If a player or group of players is strong enough to take them down, they can drop some great gear to help the players on their journey.

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Players should tread lightly though, because these bosses will challenge everything they thought they knew about combat. Surviving will not be an easy task. Players should have their gear prepared, make sure they are stocked up on food, and pray that they don't meet an untimely demise. For those who wish to test themselves, here are all the Legendary Bosses and where players can seek them out.

14 Ancient Scorpion Queen

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (1)

Players can find the Ancient Scorpion Queen in The Jawbone, deep within the Exiled Lands. This boss has a large health pool and high armor values, but it is also weaker than most other Legendary Bosses. It is easier to fight thanks to its predictable attacks, but it will hit very hard ifone catches the player.

Taking this creature down will reward players a Scorpion Ward. Harvesting the creatures can get the players Chitin, Feral Flesh, Fragment of Power, Ichor, Scorpion Egg-Sac, and Scorpion Queen Venom Glands.

13 Green Dragon

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (2)

Found in the Unnamed City, the Green Dragon can be a fearsome foe. To prepare for this fight, players should stock up on healing items or get very good at dodging,while keeping aware that the dragon can always breathe fire.

Completing this fight will reward players with a bountiful harvest. This can include Green Dragon Head, Dragonbone, Dragonhorn, Brimstone, Demon Blood, Volatile Glands, and Exotic Flesh. The bragging rights are also a plus.

12 Guardian Of The Flame

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (3)

Deep in the Unnamed City, below the stone guardway, the Guardian of the Flame protects an eternal flame beacon. This boss is hard to pin down since it moves regularly and can only be knocked back whenever a player gets a parry in.Fortunately,its attacks are standard and easy to dodge. Players will need to worry more about the skeletons that accompany it.

Defeating the Guardian will guarantee players a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit, or a Legendary Armor Patch Kit and a Fragment of Power. This boss's loot pool also consists of legendary armor, shields, and weapons.

11 Red Dragon

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (4)

Like the Green Dragon, the Red Dragon poses a great threat to those who wish to take it on. The Red Dragon is a much bigger threat, however, with more attacks that can devastate a player. Bring plenty of healing items before taking this baddy on.

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The Red Dragon can be found in the Unnamed City as well, South of Muriela's Hope. Killing the beast will get players the same rewards as killing the Green Dragon. The main difference is that the Red Dragon comes with more bragging rights.

10 Rotted Hulk

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (5)

Unfortunately, players on console can't take on the Rotted Hulk yet since it resides on the Isle of Siptah. Players on PC can take to the isle to find the beast, which resides in the Circle of the Ravager. Avoid trying to make this undead creature bleed since it is immune. Instead, stick to the strategy of crippling it.

Defeating this foe will earn them a Fragment of Power. Other rewards are randomly given and include Healing Waterskins, Legendary Weapon Repair Kits, Legendary Armor Patch Kits, and the Jagged Edge.

9 The Brute

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (6)

The Unnamed city is full of enemies for players to take on, and that includes the Brute. The Brute is a large skeletal creature for players to take on. Luckily for players, the Brute is easier to take on than most legendary enemies. This boss's damage is pretty mediocre, so players shouldn't need to worry about health too much.

The Brutecan drop Legendary Armor Patch Kits, Legendary Weapon Repair Kits and Fragments of Power. It can also drop the Predatory Blade, Gauntlets of the Brute, Helm of the Crute, and the Shank.

8 The Commander

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (7)

Take a guess as to where the Commander is located. Anyone who guessed the Unnamed City would be correct. This boss guards a pair of chests on a plaza with a stone gate, but it won't give up the chests without a fight.

Players who take him on will always get a Fragment of Power plus a Legendary Repair kit or Patch Kit. This boss also has a large loot pool that consists of legendary shields, armor, and weapons. Be wary of the large number of archers that accompany this boss, and aim to take them down first.

7 The Executioner

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (8)

This large skeletal serpent-man can inflict stacking bleed damage on players, making them beg for mercy. This boss is not to be taken lightly, and can quickly take players down if they aren't careful. This boss has a longer reach than others, making him deadly.


Players who wish to take this boss on can find it in the Deathwhisper Ruins. His domain can be entered via the Executioner's Entrance. The loot pool is smaller than other bosses and contains the Executioner's Axe, Blade, and Hood. Players can also retrieve a Fragment of Power.

6 The Gate Guardian

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (9)

No, this isn't the Gate Guardian fromYu-Gi-Oh. This one can kill. In terms of difficulty, the Gate Guardian isn't as strong as other bosses, and can be taken down rather quickly.

This boss can be found in the Warmaker's Sanctuary and drops the Axe of the Gate Guardian. Other loot from this boss includes Fragments of Power and Legendary Repair Kits along with Legendary Patch Kits. The boss used to drop the Warmaker's Key, but the door no longer requires a key for entry.

5 The Gravewalker

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (10)

Coming back to the Unnamed City, The Gravewalker strolls around a large wall section of the South-West. The Gravewalker is a larger, more ferocious version of the standard Wight enemies. This boss also has a high knockback resistance and can dish out bleed and corruption.

The Gravewalker is still easier to take down than other bosses, but players should always be careful. The boss's loot pool consists of many different legendary weapons and armors.

4 The Red Mother

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (11)

The Red Mother is the queen red dragon, and doesn't want to be disturbed. She can be found in the Spawning Pools area of the Unnamed City.

Players should be careful,as with the other dragons. Bring plenty of healing items and get good at dodging. The Red Mother can hit really hard and takes a little while to kill. The rewards are good, however, with various legendary weapons and armor along with Fragments of Power.

3 The Watcher

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (12)

As expected, the Watcherresides in the Unnamed City. This boss watches over the city from a broken bridge, which players will need to climb to reach him. This boss can be difficult to fight thanks to the high-up arena and lack of space.

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Players should be careful not to roll off the edge of the tower and plummet to their doom. Of course, beating the boss will gift the players the chance of scoring some legendary weapons and armor.

2 White Dragon

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (13)

The last of the dragons on the map, the White Dragon, patrols the area between the High Way and the Forge of Ymir. This dragon is more difficult to find than its brethren. It's also a hard fight, much like the Red Dragon.

Players should be wary of the freezing temperatures and dress for the occasion. Be sure to have those healing items as well. As for loot, the White Dragon drops the same loot as the Red and Green variants.

1 Winged Death

Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (14)

Traveling yet again to the Unnamed City, Winged Death is a large albino bat creature that flies over The Aviary. Winged Death is easy to kite away from its location and has a significantly lower health pool than other bosses.

Players should remember that this boss can be inflicted with bleed and can also be poisoned. It has a small loot pool consisting of Vermin Hide Pants, Vermin Hide Boots, Black Feather Helm, Riptide, and Quivering Arrows.

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Conan Exiles: Every Legendary Boss (& Where To Find Them) (2024)
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