18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (2024)

Looking for new recipes that literally are crazy simple to make? Here are some 3 ingredient dinners that are affordable, minimal prep, and tasty! Kid-approved, family-friendly recipes that you can serve up to your family this week.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (1)

Don’t let the minimal ingredients fool you! These recipes are simple but yet tasty at the same time. Create meals for those busy weeknights when you have to take minimal effort to get a meal on the table! No-fuss recipes to the rescue.

3 Ingredient Dinners

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (2)1.) Slow Cooker Lasagna from Slow Cooker Gourmet

A meatless cheesy lasagna that is made right in your slow cooker. Simple, easy, and 3 ingredients are all that is needed. Sprinkle with parsley or parmesan for added flavor.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (3)2.) 3-Ingredient Chicken Cacciatore in the Slow Cooker from Shockingly Delicious

Here is a delicious pasta dish as well with chicken. Another great slow cooker recipe that you can toss in early in the day to come home to a comforting dinner.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (4)3.) Cheesy One Pot Pasta from Crayons and Cravings

Here is one pasta dish you might want to make this week. Lots of tomato sauce, cheesy goodness, all ready to be served up in no time. Kid-friendly!

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (5)4.) Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks from Home Fresh Ideas

Here is a great air fryer chicken recipe that has a seasoned drumstick. Whip these up for dinner and skip ordering takeout. The skin is nice and crispy with juicy meat inside.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (6)5.) Fried Cabbage and Bacon from Bake Me Some Sugar

Cabbage is the stand out ingredient in this dish. Add the bacon or even swap with ham for a satisfying dish that isn’t loaded with carbs. Simple but delicious.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (7)6.) Beef Ramen from Dance Around The Kitchen

Grab that ramen and transform it into a whole new dinner. This is like a noodle stir fry in a sense. Ground beef, mixed veggies and your ramen and seasoning.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (8)7.) BBQ Ranch Chicken from Sonshine Kitchen

BBQ and ranch come together for a flavorful and tasty chicken that you whip up in no time. Pair with some veggies, salad, etc, or eat alone.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (9)8.) BBQ Pineapple Meatballs From Salt and Baker

3 ingredients and a slow cooker are all that you need for this simple but tasty dinner. Eat them alone, pile on sliders or serve over a bed of rice.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (10)9.) Ham Crescent Rolls from Fresh Simple Home

Here are 3 ingredients that are needed for you to make up. These are kid-friendly and you could swap out the meat and the type of cheese for what you prefer or have on hand.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (11)10.) 3 Ingredient Chili from I Heart Nap Time

Here is a great chili to make that is quick to throw together. The longer it simmers the more flavors will blend. Whip this up and top with your favorite toppings.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (12)11.) Egg Fried Rice from Omnivore’s Cookbook

Skip takeout and make this egg fried rice at home. I love good fried rice and this recipe is simple, tasty, and great to serve up for dinner.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (13)12.) Crockpot Chicken Tacos Kristine’s Kitchen

Here is a tasty crockpot chicken. Serve in some flour tortillas with your favorite toppings and dive in. These are so simple, easy prep, and a recipe the whole family can enjoy.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (14)13.) Crescent Sausage Bites from Kitchen Is My Playground

Here is a tasty dish that uses breakfast sausage in replace other meats. Quick to make, tasty, and slice and serve as a sandwich. The whole family should enjoy these.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (15)14.) Lemon Herb Turkey Legs from Savor And Savvy

Here is a slow cooker turkey leg that is fall off the bone tender, along with bursting with incredible flavor. Such a delicious main dish to serve up any day of the week.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (16)15.)3Ingredient Oven Baked Corned Beef Brisket from Will Cook For Smiles

If you are looking to make a brisket here is a simple but tasty recipe to try. No fussing as you slather and bake in the oven! My kind of dinner.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (17)16.) Orange Chicken from Dinner and Dessert

Here is a simple 3 ingredient orange chicken that tastes just as good as ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant. Whip this up and watch your family beg for seconds.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (18)17.) Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Here is a 3 ingredient dinner where you have a sweet and savory pulled pork to pile on a bun! Pair with your favorite sides for a fun and delicious dinner.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (19)18.) Crispy Onion Chicken from Life in The Lofthouse

Look at how perfectly cooked this chicken breast is. An oven-baked chicken that is crazy simple to make and mightily tasty. Pair with a salad, steamed veggies, etc.

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (20)

18 Delicious 3 Ingredient Dinners (2024)
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