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Our Model DR-4X2SN with Coreless Motor Our Model DR-4X2PN with Coreless Motor Our Model DR-1C with Coreless Motor Our Model DR-4X2WS with Coreless Motor

3 - 24 Volts

3 - 24 Volts

1.5 - 24 Volts

6 - 24 Volts

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The model DR series diaphragm type air/gas pumps feature long life, high reliability, high efficiency in a DC pump. Our pumps are made with machined aluminum parts, not molded. We also have the ability to handle large purchase orders.

The pumping section consists of a synthetic rubber diaphragm, housed in a all machined aluminum casing. Our pumps are directly driven from the motor shaft by a connecting rod and crank assembly. Valves are of the self-biasing, fiberglass fabric reinforced, synthetic rubber type, no metallic springs are used. The air, vapor and/or gas being pumped contact only the aluminum and synthetic rubber areas. The Aluminum can be either anodized or Teflon® (PTFE) coated depending on the application. All moving parts are enclosed.

The double pump models have two pumping sections, which may be used independently, connected in parallel for increased flow or in series for greater pressure/vacuum capacity. We offer several different pump head designs. This allows the ability to modify inlet and outlet positions.

Our single pump models are capable of flows from 10mL/min. to 4.0L/min.

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