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The Model ES is an all plastic positive displacement pump of the valveless oscillating cylinder / reciprocating piston type, which was designed to pump water solutions at slow rates, particularly at remote locations where only battery power is available. In the standard versions, the pump is driven by a back-mounted, very low current DC gear reduced motor, and will operate for up to 2000 hours continuous duty on a single lantern type battery, and for up to a year with intermittent use.

Pump and motor are mounted on a cast aluminum frame. The pump is constructed of a high density polyethylene and is easily disassembled for cleaning. The single gasket, and the two O ring seals, on the piston and clean out plug, are Neoprene in the standard version, but other elastomers can be supplied, including Viton®. A stroke adjustment mechanism is provided on the piston rod, and the inlet / outlet connectors are of the push-on type for 3/16" Dia. Flexible tubing.

Pumping rate varies with motor speed, stroke adjustment and, to a lesser degree, lift. The standard version, at full stroke, rated voltage and 3-5 foot lift, delivers 5 1/2 Gal. (21 liters) per day, or 30 Oz. (88 cc) per hour. This rate can be reduced up to 80% by adjustment of the stroke. The pump is capable of lifts up to 20 feet, however lower lifts are recommended to reduce motor load and current drain. There is no particular limit to the horizontal distance that may be pumped. If the fluid contains solids, particularly abrasives, installation of a 50 mesh SS inlet strainer (available) is suggested.

A standard 12 volt brush-type motor drives the pump at 1 1/4 rpm, while drawing only 40 milliamperes. Motors of other voltages, can be supplied, as well as other motor speeds or change gears.


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