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Manufacturer of Air/Gas D/C Micro/Miniature Pumps, Effluent Samplers and Metering Pumps

Drummond and Company is a manufacturer of high quality, long life Micro DC Diaphragm Pumps and compressors providing vacuum and/or pressure for transporting air, vapors and gas. These pumps can be manufactured to your specific needs. Standard models are manufactured with a ball bearing type coreless motor. Other motor options are available. Standard elastomers are Neoprene, Viton®, and Buna-N. OEM Accounts welcome.

Please click here for more information on our standard line.

We also manufacture a line of Effluent Samplers, and Metering Pumps.

We have an extensive product line of Micro Pumps that allows us the ability to modify our designs for specific performance requirements and quiet operation. If you do not see a pump that suits your specific applications, please contact us.



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